Rome wasn’t built in a day
There is, alas, a myth that you only have to take a few pills and the health problem is over. Remember what happened when you were a child: “Headache? Take an aspirin!”
I suspect that very few children – let alone adults – ever got (or get!) the advice to first drink a half litre of water…
If it’s taken several months – years – to get your body into the rickety shape it’s now in, it’s wise to allow your body months – or even years – to repair itself.

Always listen to your heart. Even though it’s on the left side, it’s always right.

Important truths

  • Everything your body does is normal, necessary and/or natural.
  • Treating symptoms will never resolve the cause.
  • Food feeds more than just the body.
  • Food is more than just a source of energy.
  • The body never lies; it cannot lie!
  • Age is no reason for being sick.
  • How you’re feeling doesn’t automatically say anything about your state of health.
  • Feeling ‘fine’ and being well and healthy are two different matters.
  • You are not what you eat – you are what your body is able to digest.
  • The source of physical problems may be emotional or spiritual.

And above all:

Treating just symptoms will never restore balance.

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