How do you treat flu?

In my book, ‘flu’ is a collective name for a range of symptoms such as headache, sweating, shaking, utter listlessness, dizziness, fever and painful joints.
I prefer to talk about ‘the presence of a virus’ than ‘flu’.
It’s important to realise that viruses don’t just hang around on their own, but just as a letter is delivered in an envelope, the virus comes ‘packaged’ in a bacterium or parasite.
When the immune system kills these, the virus is released and begins to multiply.
For example, ‘hepatitis’ – which literally means an affliction of the liver – is the result of the disruption caused by the presence of a virus in the liver. Viruses block the normal function of an organ and that causes all the trouble!
The treatment begins with boosting the immune system, usually with a large dose of taurine.
After half an hour or so, in which the taurine revs up the nervous system and the thymus gland, it’s time to take a dose of a specific homeopathic remedy that ‘instructs’ the immune system to deal specifically with viruses.
This remedy comes in ampoules. The best way to use them is to break a number of them open, pour the contents into a glass, then hold the contents under the tongue for a minute or so before swallowing.
When I travel, I always take a small laser-pen with me and one ampoule so that I can ‘inject’ the energetic instructions of the remedy under the tongue.
The laser-pen is additionally useful in ‘injecting’ the instructions at specific acupuncture points on the body.
For a simple ‘flu’ that’s just starting, you could expect to notice the effect of the combination within 1-1½ hours.
For some viruses that are more deeply hidden in the body – such as in the liver – it can be necessary to repeat the treatment and it will almost certainly take much longer to knock out the virus. Additional, specific remedies may be required.
One thing is certain: treating ‘flu’ with antibiotics is totally useless and an unnecessary burden on the body.

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