My dentist says he can’t find anything, while I continue to get sharp pains in my teeth as if there were a cavity somewhere. He’s now started talking about how it may be necessary to remove all my teeth. There must be another way!

Most certainly there are other possibilities worth exploring before taking such a drastic and irreversible step.
A personal experience: I once had a root canal treatment followed by a crown. The pain was horrible and the whole process lasted about 14 months. It took a while before the nerve was truly inactivated. I later discovered that I was often affected by fungus and that a course of MSM in all likelihood would have resolved the original pain that lead to such a costly (in terms of time and money) ‘cure’.
Subsequent experience with clients and their dental pains have served to strengthen my conviction.
Since all acupuncture meridians are represented in the teeth, there’s every reason to check which other physical symptoms are present when there’s toothache. Supplementation with taurine, Q10, B2 and vitamin C and especially MSM is often enough to resolve the pain.
Just occasionally, when the pain in clearly in the gums or the root of the tooth, then excess toxins are indicated. Especially when the right neck and upper shoulder are also tight and sensitive, then a cure of molybdenum can often resolve the issue.

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