Is there any solution for tinnitus?

Perhaps. It may be that the solution is surprisingly simple.
First it’s important to rule out purely mechanical, organic causes. A visit to a medical specialist should resolve that issue.
Then it’s wise to ensure that the immune system is up to par.
I usually recommend visiting a chiropractor, osteopath or similar specialist, then test to explore the extent to which the following is required:
– taurine (for the thymus)
– a herbal complex to support liver function
– thymus regeneration
Furthermore, a shortage of Q10 has been associated with tinnitus. Increasing your supplementation to a minimum of 2x 100 mg a day is then advisable.

It is also possible that you may find a solution for your specific problem here. It’s an interesting site with plenty of convincing testimonials.

'Triumph over Tinnitus' by Rafaele JoudryThis fascinating book by Rafaele Joudry provides valuable additional insights into how the hearing works, as well as offering possible solutions.

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