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Testing: in person or at a distance
It is possible to test for health (and other) issues both in person or at a distance, using someone else as intermediary.
In this way I can test children as well as animals.
However, a personal consultation is advisable for the first contact.

If possible, it is preferable that you come in person for your first consultation.
Getting straight down to work, a diagnosis usually presents itself within about 15 minutes.
For many people my approach is unusual, encompassing many different areas of life, from sleep pattern to nutrition, from habits to emotions.
The analysis provides you with a clear indication of the source of the symptoms and what is required to restore balance in the body.
You will probably get a list of supplements your body needs, along with the dosage, maybe some nutritional advice and, when necessary, a recommendation to consult other health practitioners, including doctors and specialists.
On your path to restored health you may benefit from sessions with an acupuncturist or chiropractor or… or…
Subsequent to this initial session, it’s advisable to make a follow-up appointment.

€75.00 (+ tax) per 15 minutes.
The path to the solution begins with your willingness to invest in yourself.
The next step is the right diagnosis – which I make within just a few minutes, together with you.
Then it’s your commitment that’s required to use the advised supplements according to the protocol. Which also implies your willingness to invest in the required supplements and additional suggestions.
Change is often uncomfortable, even if it involves improving your state of health!

Just as I accept responsibility for the advice that I give during the consultation, you accept responsibility for yourself, the information you provide me with and the steps you decide to take.

Example: testing young children
Ben is 4 and clearly has difficulties fitting in and behaving himself. At school he’s already been labelled a ‘problem child’. He displays behaviour patterns that put him squarely in the range of the so-called ‘autistic spectrum’.
His parents asked if I would test him at a distance. The test indicated that Ben had significant need for the lithium protocol – but that’s difficult for a young child to cope with.
So I tested him for certain homeopathic flower remedies and discovered two which tested strongly when used together. 20 drops of each, diluted with a small amount of water (to remove the sharpness of the alcohol in the remedies), to be kept under the tongue for at least a minute before being swallowed.
Ben made a game of this treatment and within just a few days his parents reported how much calmer and in balance he was.

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