Are there are tips which indicate imbalances or problems as well as possible solutions? Like, muscle cramps indicating a need for magnesium.

Yes, indeed, there are plenty of tips which identify problems (imbalances!) along with indications of possible solutions.
And yes, indeed: magnesium is often the perfect solution for muscle cramps.
Just as thirst indicates a shortage of water and therefore the need to drink, so too are there countless other messages that the body sends us to warn us of possible shortages or functions that need supporting.
Please note: what you may need in a particular situation may be something totally different from what’s indicated in the list below! The only way to be sure is to test.
And although symptoms frequenty disappear ‘all by themselves’, it’s up to you to decide if you wish to pay more attention to them and their possible message.

  • Stiffness in the left shoulder/neck muscles: B2
  • Stiffness in the right shoulder/neck muscles: molybdenum
  • Need to scratch the back (feeling of dry skin): antioxydants (vitamin E, Vitamin C, glutathion, lipoic acid)
  • Stiffness in the shoulder: a high dose of omegas (high EPA) for a few days
  • Pain in the knee, elbow or wrist: a high dose of omegas (high EPA) for a few days; Evening Promrose oil or flax oil, both high in GLA (gamma linolenic acid); spirulina is also an excellent source of GLA
  • Sensitive gums (perhaps with bleeding): first take vitamin C (several grams) and if that doesn’t help (sufficiently), move on to vitamin B2 and Q10
  • Toothache (without any evident cavities): a high dose of MSM (fungus is indicated)
  • Sharp ear-ache: taurine (a dip in immunity may be indicated)
  • Cramps/pain in the days prior to menstruation: magnesium for 3-4 days
  • Cut on lip (as if from licking an envelope): vitamin A
  • Dry elbows: liver support + vitamin E
  • Sudden weakening of sight, problems with eyes, particularly the left eye: liver support, luteine, vitamin A
  • Sneezing and extra mucous (particularly in the throat) within 1-1½ hours after eating: vitamin C, iron
  • Sneezing and extra mucous after a walk amongst moist, autumn leaves: msm, vitain C, iron
  • Shortage of breath: Q10, phosphorus, incorrect breathing (psycho-emotional problems)
  • Damp hands (chronic): herbal remedy to support kidneys (kidney gravel is indicated)
  • Irritated bladder: herbal remedy to support the liver, colloidal silver, mannose
  • Flu symptoms: taurine, vitamin C, crotalus
  • Cold sore (lip): taurine, crotalus, l-lysine, zinc
  • Shingles: taurine, crotalus, l-lysine, zinc
  • Pain in knuckles: herbal remedy to support kidneys (kidney gravel is indicated); possible shortage of GLA (gamma linolenic acid: a powerful anti-inflammatory) – to be found in Evening Primrose oil and flax (linseed) oil and spirulina
  • Gas/flatulence: l-arginine + l-ornithine, gall flush (olive oil + lemon juice)
  • Headache in the morning + delayed bowel movement: herbal remedy to support the liver; insufficient water
  • Cold hands (chronic): biloba, B3
  • Dry lips: liver support, vitamin E
  • Hair loss, dullness: molybdenum
  • Faeces stick to the toilet bowl: gall flush, herbal support of liver
  • Loose, flakey skin and fungus on feet: taurine (immune system support); a specific herbal oil remedy
  • Unexpected listlessness or sluggishness during hot weather: possible shortage of sodium (avoid table salt, use sea salt!) but more than likely a shortage of potassium (to be taken only after some food has first been consumed); liver support
  • Dry hands in combination with split skin around the nails (especially the thumbs), extremely dry mucous membrane in the nose and slow, delayed and rather dry bowel movement: shortage of potassium and/or sodium, extra water
  • Scablike formations in the nostrils: shortage of vitamin E and/or potassium

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