My hands are usually sweaty. Can anything be done about this condition?

Most certainly, especially when it concerns a structural or chronic condition. See this symptom as a sign of imbalance. That’s something you can work on, so as to restore the balance and harmony in the body.
When the hands (and sometimes the feet, too) are like this, you can be certain there’s something wrong with the fluid management systems in the body.
Water – because that is primarily what it is, as a carrier of waste products – is designed to pass out of the body primarily as urine, but also in the faeces, the breath and the sweat glands (primarily the armpits).

The basic remedy consists of a combination of a herbal remedy taken orally to dissolve kidney gravel and a remarkably effective infusion (‘Java tea’) of orthosiphon leaf (photo left) which cleanses the urinary ducts. Although effects may be noticed within several weeks, a course lasting 4-6 months is fairly common.
A few acupuncture sessions may support the process.

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