Ideally, your body gets all the required nutrients from the food you eat.
What happens, however, is that specific shortages of specific nutrients occur for reasons that are often unclear, and that specific supplementation is required.


  • You’re thirsty – a sign that the body needs water.
  • As a woman, you always experiences cramps a few days before menstruating – a sign that your body needs extra magnesium.
  • After eating some sandwiches you notice a drop in your energy, you get a headache, your eyesight seems to become fuzzy, you start sneezing, your nose runs and you get extra mucous in your throat – these are just a few of the signals your body is giving you that you need vitamin C and maybe some iron because your body is having difficulty dealing with substances in the bread.
  • You’ve been under stress for a while and are maybe already experiencing burnout – realise that your nervous system has a serious shortage of essential ‘building blocks’ such as lecithin, magnesium, potassium, Q10 and more.

David’s HealthCheck is a means of quickly and effectively determining precisely what is needed to restore balance in the body.
Read Experiences for some examples.

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