Can I take the supplements along with my medicines?

In most cases, yes.
The supplements I offer are – basically – just food.
However, I always want to know which medicines you’re using in case there are any specific contra-indications. I also check whether your body actually wants the medicines and the extent to which it is possible to reduce and stop using them.
With so-called diabetes, for example, it is definitely possible to stop taking the pharmaceuticals as the body’s own functions (in this case, correct production of insulin) are restored.
Please refer to the seventh experience which describes this particular instance.

Ans has been prescribed a daily dose of 100 mg Atenolol because of her high blood pressure. Testing reveals that she has a reduced gall function as well as a significant amount of kidney gravel. Add a distinctly raised oestrogen level, and Ans’s body has plenty of cause for high blood pressure!
After three weeks of supplements for her kidneys and oestrogen, Ans can reduce her Atenolol to 75 mg, and after 7-8 weeks to 50 mg.

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