I feel that I’m under stress and close to burnout. I’ve been to the doctor who told me to slow down and take things easy – easier said than done! He gave me some sleeping pills and relaxants, but I feel that this is not the right path for me. What advice do you have?

First and foremost: treating symptoms will never resolve the issue at cause.
Luckily you have sufficient awareness to realise that you are under such stress that you’re on the edge of burnout. You can take action to turn the clock back!
You can do a great deal in setting and respecting your boundaries, above all by simply saying ‘no’ more often.
As a therapist myself, with personal experience in this area, I strongly recommend that you take a few sessions with a therapist (not just a ‘shrink’ but someone with broad humanistic experience rather than classical psychology).
It’s also one of your challenges to watch how you react to everything you ‘have’ to do – instead of what you really want to do.

As far as the physical body is concerned, one thing is abundantly clear: at the moment you begin to experience stress as negative, as a burden, then you’re depleting your precious reserves. When you notice that you easily and quickly get irritated and that even the slightest extra item is just ‘too much’, then certain reserves are exhausted.
These reserves can be measured – just as it’s possible to measure how much energy there is in a battery.
The reserves involve lithium (see further notes on lithium) as well as a range of other crucial bio-chemicals.

The nervous system is composed of a huge range of different building blocks. In this context I’ll focus on a relatively small number of key materials and make a comparison with a wall built of bricks. The bricks represent compounds and elements such as Q10, B5, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and iron. The mortar that binds the bricks is lithium. The pointing is lecithin.

The basic prescription for supplementation consists of lithium *, B5 and lecithin. It’s then important to check what each individual also requires, as well of course as the daily amounts. Support for the liver and/or kidney function is also usually required.
This prescription works and is required by everyone who:

– is experiencing stress or is already in burnout
– thinks they’ve ‘recovered’ from the burnout they had a few years earlier
– shakes and has uncontrolled muscle spasms (which includes (most) people with Parkinson, Alzheimer, fibromyalgia, apnea and MS)
– keep on dropping things, whose coordination seems to be out of whack, who bump into furniture and seem to be out of balance
– gets irritated easily
– has a poor sleeping pattern and/or is always ‘nervous’

In other words, there’s a whole range of behaviour and symptoms that indicate that there’s something deep in the nervous system that needs attention and help.

* Read this article about lithium.

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