Should I stop drinking coffee? Or just leave out the milk?

Coffee, or rather caffeine, is both a medicine and a poison. Sometimes it’s an excellent idea to drink a cup of coffee and sometimes it can be “precisely what the doctor ordered”.
It’s certainly worthwhile looking at the extent to which coffee is an addiction. Who’s the boss, you or the coffee?
As far as milk is concerned, there are many cases where cutting dairy produce out of the diet – especially milk and buttermilk – will quickly produce remarkable positive changes in the health situation.
Genuinely organic, non-homogenised milk should not contain antibiotics, but in the event of lactose intolerance then there’s every reason to avoid dairy products until the cause of the intolerance or sensitivity has been resolved.
Think about the truth in this statement about butter and margarine: “Trust the cow rather than the chemist.”
One thing is certain: children who continually have excess mucous and rashes are expressing their allergic reaction to milk/dairy products, which should be cut out of the diet completely.

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