Are there any side effects?

Actually, yes: you might start feeling better!

Seriously, though, the basic answer is ‘no’.
The best way of looking at supplements is simply that they’re food, and just part of the meal. In a few cases, you might notice some effect.
A perfect example is B3: most often within about 20 minutes you’ll feel that your head and face are hot and red, and you’ll feel a certain prickling sensation as this vitamin opens your blood vessels. These effects usually disappear within a few minutes.
Another good example is B2 which turns your urine bright yellow!
It’s also possible that you get a feeling as if your head is full of cotton wool and your thinking becomes fuzzy. The liver must cope with all the extra nutrition which your body needs and if the liver is not functioning at its best anyway – and you’re taking the herbal supplements to support the liver function – then this fuzziness may be expected. Drinking plenty of water is part of the therapy and it may be necessary to take extra antioxidants. Strangely enough, the fuzziness is a precise indication of the need for the supplements and that they’re starting to do their work!
What you will generally notice from the supplements is that you quickly begin to feel more alert and energetic.

You may want to consider the difference between natural and synthetic supplements.
Sometimes it can be as simple as a difference of a single letter in the chemical name of a product, but mostly it’s as significant as a totally different chemical compound than ‘normally’ found in nature.
Check out this site and request the free guide What’s Natural About Being Synthetic?
You might also want to read the article on glycobiology.

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