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Clay made a wonderful curry last night, ‘inventing’ the seasoning as he went along – just as you describe. In fact the combination of spices was of course his own version of rasel (as he calls it)! Whereas I made up a batch after reading up on typical combinations of ras el hanout ingredients, and it also tastes great. But for your book I might never have learned of this type of seasoning so THANKS!
Vandana (AUS)

I have been enjoying your book, attractive, playful tone, good quotes, and it already inspired yesterday’s dinner. Sweet potato and eggplant I had never thought of for a stir-fry and my curiosity was tickled. I served it with Palestinian couscous and it was sensational. I am not familiar with Ras el hanout but had all the ingredients. Thanks so much. And an afterthought: about the guidance you get when cooking, I think when you love to cook you attract so many kindred spirits around you who are just waiting to join in the creation. It always feels to me as if ‘we’ are cooking.
Barbara (NL)

Thank you sooooo much for the book 🙂 It looks totally nice and even without reading it yet (just from the pics) inspired me to start making more conscious healthy food again 🙂 Looking forward to reading it and try out the recipes 🙂

Wow! This IS a major work. I’ve scanned it… don’t know when I’ll get to read it as I have a pile of other docs I need to review. You write very well. And I love boxes and the stories, especially the ‘old Jewish story…’ Anyway – congratulations, and thanks.
Peter (USA)

Thank you so much! The book is just fantastic.
I’m so looking forward to trying out these tempting recipes.
And the best part of it all is that just 3 days before you sent me the book, I decided… to become a vegetarian. I started the computer to search for some recipes, and then I saw the e-mail from you.
And to my great surprise, and as another part of the synchronicity, you wrote the perfect book about vegetarian cooking. So there will be no searching on the internet, what is meant to be comes right to me effortlessly!
Thank you so much again, and I wish you all the best with the book. 🙂
Vibeke (N)

I enjoy the insightful, personal anecdotes that accompany these tasty recipes. They provide an existential context which connects all the dots of good health, physical and spiritual well-being. It is a delicious read from start to finish.
Thank you, Kaiyum!
With love,
Milarepa (USA, the World)

I enjoyed your Zen in the kitchen very much. You know I love eating and cooking and I found many inspiring ideas in your book. Though I am not a strict vegetarian you know from my occasional visits to your place(s) I am very open to your way of cooking. If I ever decided to go veggie certainly it would look in my kitchen as in your book.

I absolutely love the introduction of ‘Zen in the kitchen’, how you present yourself, the recipes, the quotes… and I look very much forward to trying to cook those delicious-looking meals!
Pravasi (FIN)

I look at it and read some sentences, some recipes, a story…
Anyway, I really like it, I receive from it a kind of good energy and little flash of light!
Me too, I also improvise in the kitchen (and in my life too),
and when I was cooking, I was still in the good mood coming from your book,
so I decided to name my biscuit: Kaiyum biscuit! (*)
Chiara (Sicily)

(*) Get in touch if you want the recipe!

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