Although I seem to have flu, it turns out that I have parasites. What’s happening here?

This experience provides a clear impression of the complexity of parasites and the importance of a speedy, correct diagnosis:

I fell sick while attending a course at a large training centre in Germany, with visitors from many countries including India. A few days before I started experiencing flu symptoms I’d noticed that the hygiene rules were frequently ignored. Children enjoyed helping in the kitchen, mixing food by hand…
The flu symptoms were so extreme (awful headache, lots of mucous, fever, coughing, total exhaustion) that the centre’s Ayurvedic doctor came to check me out. He concluded ‘fever and liver disorders’ and prescribed a herbal remedy that provided some temporary relief.
As soon as I returned home I got in touch with David, who treated me for the viruses that I clearly had and gave me a vitamin B12 shot. Within 4 days, the worst of the flu seemed to be over, but I continued to feel totally drained as well as bloated, with severe cramps in my stomach and intestines, and diarrhoea. I again asked David to test me and, based on the symptoms, he was certain that I had parasites, which his test confirmed. With a whole range of different remedies (first only liquid extracts, subsequently 2 different herbal remedies in capsule form to deal with eggs in the blood), within 36 hours I already felt so much better.
4 days later, with varying doses of the different remedies, I felt more or less normal again. David explained that parasites have cycles and warned me to be highly alert for recurring symptoms in subsequent weeks and months.
Indra Visser

There are many different (sorts of) parasites to which humans are susceptible.
An active immune system can usually cope with at least some of them, with the risk that viruses get released and start interrupting body functions. (Viruses are like letters – they require an ‘envelope’, in the form of bacteria or parasites.) Viruses tend to cause flu symptoms and can be treated relatively fast and effectively (search this site for ‘flu’ or ‘virus’).
Orthodox tests (blood, stool) take time and are often inadequate. My own test method works fast and forms the basis for immediate treatment. There are numerous powerful, natural herbal remedies that kill both parasites and their eggs.

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