My own search…

…for health, vitality and balance in this body began in the late 1960s.
I just knew there was something somehow not right. Deep inside I knew that there was something not right about how I felt in my body, that I had a right to greater vitality and more balance.

Although there were all sorts of health challenges before then, it was in 1968 that I started experiencing a whole range of symptoms that ultimately got the name ‘glandular fever’ (mononucleosis). Continually tired, listless, sleepy, weak, with fever, headache and other pains – these symptoms (and more) dogged me for the next two years. There was no indication of a solution, but a label had been given – the name of this constellation of symptoms.

It was also my first clear awareness of the power and the powerlessness of doctors, whom I later lumped together as ‘white coats’.
And when I again visited the Medical Centre at the University where I was doing my best to study, I was told to go away as I was malingering, a hypochondriac.
That event certainly had a considerable effect on me.

In 1971 I had my first serious back troubles, pain which although frequently diminished was a constant feature of my life for the next 30 years.
I lived with backache. And I kept on with my life, travelling widely, working and living in many countries.
I stayed open for solutions for my pain, my lack of reliable energy and the physical emptiness and lack of solidity I felt, and the feeling of never getting enough to eat. There was also a certain restlessness (it was fairly difficult for me to spend much time in the same position, whether lying or sitting) which affected me mentally and emotionally.

Aan het begin van een levenslange zoektocht - David in Spanje 1974

In 1974, while working in Spain (photo left), I first came into contact with alternative or complementary health care professionals. For the first time, too, I realised the link between body and spirit, which I could much later separate into the four areas of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – and how these four areas are inextricably related to each other.

In the course of years I discovered so much and had numerous remarkable experiences, all of which slowly but surely contributed to a solid conviction of which this website and the work I offer now are tangible evidence.
Just a few of the ‘remarkable experiences’:
– my first back massage where the therapist walked over my back while I lay on the ground
– meeting Moshe Feldenkrais while working in Israel
– sitting at the feet of Krishnamurti in the hot sun of Ojai, California
– a situation while working in Amsterdam where I witnessed my body from a distance, linked by a silver cord to my navel; and the physical pain as I returned sharply into my body
– hair analysis in Los Angeles
– surviving in the Sinai Desert
– ‘accidents’ and parasitic infections in countries like Algeria, Mexico and Egypt
– past life experiences… as a doctor
– the Rebalancing Training, a unique approach to treating the body
– taing sannyas with Osho decades after he began ‘calling’ me

The list of significant moments is much longer.
Only subsequently have I been able to establish the real value of a specific meeting or event. At the moment it occurred it did not seem to be significant.

And the search continued.
I tried just about any and every therapy that crossed my path and learned more and more about the strengths and above all the weaknesses and the power of the regular health services and the world of the pharmaceutical companies.
I learned, too, about the powerlessness of doctors and how they live with that knowledge.

One evening in the mid-1990s I sat in the train from Amsterdam Central Station on my way back home to Gouda after having given a short but inspired and inspiring presentation in Amsterdam at a network-meeting for Sunrider distributors.
A woman came into my compartment and told me how she appreciated my presentation of earlier that evening. She went on to tell me that I should get to meet a particular health care specialist in Leersum. It was as if time stood still, one of the many such moments in my life when I know I am hearing a Truth.

I followed her advice and arrived in a world of different paradigms, all of which appealed to me. It was as if I were being given the last pieces of a puzzle I’d been searching for all my life.

That’s how I discovered, through the clarity and logic of live blood analysis, the limitations of regular laboratory blood analysis.
That’s how I at last got the confirmation that treating symptoms wouldn’t provide solutions at source.
That’s when I started getting causal solutions to my physical imbalance.

In 2011 I was ready to put together my experience, knowledge and insights (also what I do not know!) in this website.
The right moment had appeared for me to make myself available for those who, like me many years ago, are searching for solutions to their health issues.

And the search continues, with an increasingly deeper integration of the mental, emotional and spiritual influences on physical health – and the powerful effect of meditation.

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