I get the impression that it’s important to use multivitamins as we get older. The question is: is this true and if so, which ones? There are so many on the market…

[This question comes from a man in his 70s who lives part of the time in The Hague and part of the time in Thailand. He complains of soreness in and around his eyes.]

Why would you want to use multivitamins?
That’s the key question.
And no, I’m against ‘multis’ and promote using precisely the supplements that you need.
In your case that would most likely be just vitamin A, zinc and lutein.
The other ingredients of a ‘multi’ – which are adequately present in your body – are then an unnecessary and potentially costly burden to your system.
Because the eyes are on the liver meridian it’s highly likely that you could require some support for your kidneys or liver.
Tip: see if you can find a traditional (herbal) doctor in Thailand, someone who does pulse, tongue and perhaps iris diagnosis and get his/her opinion. Such a doctor should have access to both the supplements for the eyes and the local herbal remedies that will support liver and/or kidney function.

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