I seem to get migraine more and more frequently. Apart from the pain it’s a real nuisance to be unable to work or do the usual things. Do you have any insights that might help?

Pain is pain. Some people can cope better with it than others.
Just as a baby expresses its discomfort by crying, pain – in whatever form – is the signal that the body gives to indicate that there’s something that needs attention. Just as the carer of the baby must often guess at what’s amiss and equally often can only comfort the child (the cause is seldom as simple as hunger or a fouled nappy), so too is your pain an invitation to be steadfast in exploring possible causes.

Painkillers dull the pain and there’s definitely nothing wrong with incidental use of the fruits of pharmaceutical research. Still you must keep on looking for solutions at cause. If orthodox medicine provides pills but no cure, there are countless other possibilities available. Just a few:

  • manual therapy
  • chiropractic
  • osteopathy
  • craniosacral bodywork/therapy
  • bio-resonance

One thing is for sure: someone who accepts her migraine, but continues to complain, saying, “But I’ve tried everything”, has not tried everything!

Leaving aside the headache that indicates the presence of a brain tumour (*), the solution can sometimes be remarkably simple. The pain indicates that something is out of balance. The first step is to ensure that the vertebrae are all nicely in place and that the (central) nervous system is healthy and operating smoothly. Then we move on to check out the body’s biochemistry.

Question: when we were children and had a headache, were we first told to drink lots of water? I doubt it. Current awareness about the importance of consuming enough water is at a much higher level.
As a child, I got aspirin. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn’t.

Migraine is represented as something more than ‘serious, continuous headache’, but in essence headache is… headache. It is sometimes amazing how effective just an adequate dose of vitamin B3 can be in reducing headache. Combine this with support for the liver and the effect can be even greater. All too often there’s a direct link between the headache (and the nausea) and imbalance in the gall system… and that’s when a gall flush makes you want to believe in miracles!

A surprising cause of migraine is poison. Yes, from something as simple (!) as benzene. You can read a bit more about that here.
Other amazingly common poisons, which can certainly cause migraine-like headaches, are mycotoxins. Part of the tragedy here is that so few people seem to be aware of them and how common and insidious they are. Read more about them here.

In short: continue looking for causes, continue testing so as to restore biochemical and physical balance.

(*) Apart from this area of possible causes, it is essential to consider deeper traumatic causes that are non-physical, rather emotional and spiritual. I encourage you to consider the implications of this text about deeper causes.

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