Muscle testing
There are large numbers of ways of testing the power of the body, in this case, specifically the resistance that a particular muscle group offers. Such methods include Touch for Health and the O ring test of thumb and forefinger.
Very simply put, the key is that you test ‘strong’ when there’s a ‘yes’ or the truth and you test ‘weak’ when there’s a ‘no’ or an untruth.
By asking the right questions I get your body to provide the right information so that I can offer the right solutions.

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David’s HealthCheck…
… is a refined and rapid method, based on asking the right questions. Within just a few minutes the answers reveal:

  • what’s happening in the body
  • what’s required in order to restore balance
  • and, where supplements are required, which ones, in what dosage and for what period of time

David’s HealthCheck…
… helps the increasing number of people who suffer from ‘vague symptoms’ or problems for which doctors have no solution except perhaps for some pharmaceutical palliatives.
“You must learn to live with it” is an often-heard expression indicating that the doctor does not have a solution.
Many people accept this; it is, after all, inherent to the social conditioning.
Others do not accept such statements and set out to find meaningful solutions.

The HealthCheck is just one of these possible solutions.

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