What sort of medicines do you use?

To me ‘medicine’ implies a pharmaceutical, synthesised drug that is foreign to the body. And in some cases they can be very useful.
Cetirizine, for example, is an excellent means of alleviating acute symptoms of hay-fever; it’s an antihistamine that targets mast cells and provides relief in the short term, while using supplements to develop a long-term solution.
I emphasise, however, that I prefer to seek where possible the source of the imbalance in order to resolve that.
Xanthium 12, for example, is an excellent natural alternative to Cetirizine that, instead of suppressing symptoms, restores balance at a deeper level, thereby alleviating symptoms.
I primarily use supplements, natural bio-chemicals which are the body’s building blocks.
Sometimes I use remedies from other health systems, such as herbal mixtures from Ayurveda or the Chinese and Tibetan traditions.

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