Can you say something about cleansing the body inside? There are so many approaches!

Just as it’s proven healthy and hygienic to keep the body clean on the outside, so too are there powerful arguments for keeping the inside as clean as possible.

Apart from the obvious logic of consuming clean water, clean air and unpolluted food, and keeping your mind as free as possible from negative influences, there are thousands of regimes for cleansing the stomach and intestines – the prime focus.
From juice fasts to total fasting.
What suits your body and your body type and your current state of health is an important part of your relationship with your health consultant. It may be useful to invest in a series of colon cleansings as well as adjusting your diet for a specific period.

Let’s look at a simple example: if you are used to drinking large amounts of coffee day in, day out, you would be advised to give your system a good long rest.
Drink plenty of hot water and light, supporting herbal teas.
Although you (and those around you, too!) will probably be suffering for the first few days, and you may get quite tired (all of which is a sign of the need for change), you will regain your energy and equanimity.

Read here about a simple process for cleansing the kidneys. This activates and refreshes kidneys that are already fairly clean or ‘normal’. But the kidneys of a high percentage of people are to a greater or lesser degree working inefficiently due to the presence of kidney gravel – the precursors of kidney stones.

Example: if you have chronically damp hands then you already have an excess of gravel in your kidneys. You will then need treatment with specific herbal remedies that will dissolve and remove the gravel.

As far as the liver is concerned, it’s primarily a question of removing toxins and flushing the gall ducts.

There are numerous approaches and I prefer this very simple version, always worth trying first!
You need a top-quality olive oil and lemon juice. I use an Extra Virgin oil with a lovely, peppery bite. And for pure simplicity, I use organic ready-squeezed lemon or lime juice (without additives).
For 7 days, on an empty stomach, take 1 dessertspoon full of olive oil followed by the same amount of lemon juice.
Some clients need 1½ spoonfuls for 9 days.
Remember, everyone is different!
Be assured you’ll enjoy an easy visit to the toilet with this regime – which for many is already a good reason to try it!

If you really want to know whether it’s working or not, sieve your faeces and you’ll discover small greenish balls of stagnated gall which the oil and lemon have purged from your liver.
Result: a clear head, easier defecation and more efficient digestion.

GalstenenExample: a friend, in her sixties, did a liver and gall flush in the course of a week, using a more complex system than the simple method described above.
She’s a dynamic, energetic woman who is pretty aware of what she eats and drinks, as well as giving her body a good cleanse at least once a year. You can see in this composite photo just how many gall stones her system was harbouring – in total more than 110 of various sizes!

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