Is there such a thing as ‘healthy’ food?

There must be a reason behind the adage “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” (where ‘meat’ is not literally the animal, but an old word meaning victuals or simply food).
This is certainly true if you look at what I’ve written about gluten!

We live in an era of an unprecedented range of sources of nourishment as well as an unprecedented range of ‘convenience foods’ – factory-produced ingredients like pasta sauce and bouillon tablets to complete meals, from cold salads to oven- or microwave-ready dishes.
So there is definitely stuff we can easily define as unhealthy!

Advertisements assure the consumer that he’s making wise and healthy decisions, using today’s powerful marketing weapons like ‘ecological’, ‘organic’, ‘produced with respect for the environment’, ‘CO2 neutral’ and suchlike.
All of which may be true or may just be marketing nonsense.

Because each body is unique and has therefore different and varying needs, here’s a basic list of ‘rules’ to help you with your choices:

  • learn to differentiate between what your Mind would choose and what your body actually needs in order to be nourished
  • where possible, choose fresh food; make only limited and conscious use of preserved foods (canned tomato puree or sweet corn, peas from the freezer)
  • consider that a higher proportion of (fresh, green and colourful) vegetables are going to nourish your body better than an extra hot-dog, hamburger or piece of chicken
  • if you’re on the road, realise that a portion of freshly-fried chips is probably better for you than a cheese sandwich on white bread
  • if possible, choose other grains than wheat (spelt, rye, kamut)
  • avoid products which contain chemical additives, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners and taste enhancers (in some countries: just avoid E-numbers), and limit your sugars, salt and fats
  • avoid products containing monosodium glutamate (MSG, E620-625), the ultimate taste enhancer that can even be found in baby food!
  • read the list of ingredients and consider rejecting food items with ingredients you can’t pronounce! (This alone is food for thought!)
  • adults would be better off not drinking any milk products and limiting their intake of yoghurt and cheese; significantly restricting intake will do wonders for your vitality
  • avoid margarine and other synthetic fats; this is definitely a case where butter wins and there is wisdom in trusting the cow rather than the chemist
  • drink water instead of anything like an energy drink or cola, which undermine your health in both the short term and the long run
  • take the time to experience what you’re eating and how it tastes; there’s a familiar statement that “you are what you eat”. It’s untrue: you are what you digest – so give your digestion the opportunity to do its work well by chewing your food thoroughly
  • eat a diverse range of foods… and:

IF you know that you’re making a less than wise choice in that moment, be gentle on yourself, go easy on the criticism, accept your choice AND ENJOY IT THOROUGHLY IN THE MOMENT!
Eat with enjoyment!

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