Is it possible to prevent flu? Or is there no alternative to the ‘flu jab’?

You are a human being and that means you’re susceptible to bacteria, viruses and parasites. That’s just the name of the game.
Preventing and minimising the effects of such invaders is the task of the immune system.
It’s therefore your responsibility to keep that system in the best shape possible by – for example – getting enough rest and sleep, eating sensibly, avoiding stress and by not smoking, doing drugs or drinking anything but a minimum of alcohol.
If you do all this, you might reduce the risk of getting ‘flu’.

Getting the facts right
You see that I write ‘flu’ instead of flu. It’s just a name – an abbreviation of influenza – given to a diverse collection of symptoms which just tells me that there’s a virus present that’s blocking certain normal bodily functions.
The flu jab – especially the one developed in 2010 to resist the so-called Mexican flu and which, in order to use up the expensive stocks, has in numerous countries been added to the regular annual flu jab – is poison. It contains ingredients which are probably forbidden, depending on the country in which you live. (The Dutch version contains mercury, a definitely nasty and illegal no-no. Makes you think…)

The truth of the matter…
There is more than adequate proof – the publication of which is kept rather quiet – that more people die as a result of the flu jab than from any form of flu.

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