All we need for health and healing has been provided by God in nature.
The challenge of science is to find it.
Paracelsus (1493-1541)

‘Illness’ is a word that fits with wrong thinking. Disease – or, dis-ease – (compare with French malaise) gets closer to the truth: a lack of balance in the body.

The current situation of a high level of specific diseases in the West can be ascribed to a significant extent to eating incorrectly: too much of the wrong foods such as (highly) processed ‘factory foods’, animal protein and dairy produce, and far too few vegetables – most of which items are anyway of dubious quality and nutritional value, coming primarily from industrialised farms using unnatural feed and farming exhausted soils only kept going by artificial fertilisers.

The body never forgets its ‘blueprint’ and strives constantly to maintain the body accordingly. But if essential ‘building blocks’ are lacking the body will continue to do its best to keep the largest number of functions going as well as possible – in other words, to reflect as best it can the version in the blueprint – even if some functions have to be neglected.
Take this comparison: a child with only yellow Lego blocks to play with will only make yellow constructions; provide other colours, and the constructions will immediately become more colourful.
So, too, is the case of the building blocks that constitute food: the body does its best to build with the materials available.
And let us remember that love, appreciation and affection are just as essential sources of nutrition as more tangible foodstuffs.

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