Pain + B3 “One morning I woke up with a lot of pain in my shoulders, arms and especially my hands. I called David and told him what was up. There was a moment of silence, then he said: ‘Take B3.’ I immediately took one capsule and within 20 minutes my body began to tingle and my face, my whole head, turned red – but less than an hour later the pain was reduced by more than half. I continued taking extra B3 and after a couple of days the pain had disappeared completely.”
Indra V.

‘Flu’ “I had been feeling pretty unwell for several days and I just seemed to be getting more and more unwell. Actually I’d been sick for about two weeks on and off; some days I felt better, but then I felt rotten again afterwards. At a certain moment I sent David an email to tell him how unwell I was. He phoned immediately and seemed to know already that it was flu and that I had a virus.”
Elena P.
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Backache “I told David about my back problems when I was visiting him for intensive coaching. Since I lived in Holland and David was then living in Denmark, he insisted I get in touch with his ‘teacher’ when I got back in Holland. I indeed made an appointment with this man and got surprising insights into and a solution for the pain and discomfort which had in no way been helped by the suggestions provided by my doctor.”
Menno van D.

‘Psoriasis’ “After my work-experience in Frankfurt (Germany), where I’d experienced a great deal, I returned home to Holland with a strange sort of spot on my ankle. It had been there for a while and just didn’t go away on its own. I didn’t pay too much attention to it and thought that it would eventually disappear. After some time, the spot got bigger and at various other places on my body I started getting similar strange scaly spots. When my legs, arms and torso were more or less covered by these spots I finally went to the doctor.”
Deborah V.
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Backache “I live in South Africa but come to Holland every now and again. I’ve known David for more than 30 years from the time he was teaching at the Higher Agricultural College in Deventer. In the ’90s I had many health problems and David arranged it so I could be treated by his otherwise fully booked acupuncturist in Zoetermeer. In January 2010 I was visiting David and was having a lot of backache, particularly between my shoulders.”
Eric S.
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Backache “I travelled to Denmark for an intensive coaching session with David and arrived with a lot of pain and discomfort in my lower back. David set to work immediately and quickly found the cause: kidney gravel, causing localised stress. Although I was rather sceptical, I did take the herbal remedy David offered – an Ayurvedic compound that dissolves kidney gravel. The next day I was amazed that I could already notice the difference, and within two days… I remember it well, I was sitting at table actually enjoying the fact that all the discomfort had simply disappeared.”
Dennis v. A.

Losing weight “During a social visit to David I mentioned that I wanted to lose weight so was going to do more sport and pay more attention to my food. He responded immediately: ‘That won’t help you.’ When asked why, he replied that I had an excess of oestrogen and a shortage of a particular hormone in the liver which would deal with that excess. I was totally flabbergasted, as I was then taking a medicine to reduce my high blood pressure, as well as diuretics to remove excess fluids. David was totally clear about how these two medicines were actually ‘fighting’ each other and that both could be dispensed with if I were to take herbal supplements to support liver and kidney function as well as the ‘missing’ hormone. Three months later I was able to stop taking both supplements and medicines, had lost 10 kilos and got my energy back.”
Ilse R.

Perspiration, kidneys and parasites “For a long time I (female, 57) would transpire profusely. The least effort and the sweat would run off my face. My hands were also sweaty. I’d consulted my GP but he couldn’t do anything for me.”
Ans K.
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Tiredness = parasites + viruses “My girl-friend leaves for a project abroad and an exciting new period of my life begins. On the one hand it is exciting (what’s going to happen?) and on the other hand I feel a certain calmness. I’d been feeling tired for some time and my girl-friend had already suggested I go to an acupuncturist – she herself had benefitted from some sessions.”
Matthijs de B.
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Baby “I’ve known David for more than 30 years – I was in his class when he taught for a short period at what was then the Agricultural College for the Tropics in Deventer. Early in 2000 my third child was born. Her constant crying was driving me crazy. When I told David about it, he explained what the cause was and told me about Arjan Kuipers, a chiropractor in Zutphen. I took the advice and was amazed at the difference after just the first two sessions. Shortly after that, the problem was totally resolved. Since then I go at least once a year, along with all my children and my husband, for what I call ‘maintenance’. I’m very glad I took David’s advice.”
Anita J.

Kicking insulin “In an exchange with David about other matters, I happened to mention that I’d been injecting insulin for a year or so, and that the doctor had been very insistent about how necessary this was – and that I’d have to do this for the rest of my life. David asked: ‘Do you want to take another route, so that you can stop with the insulin?’ I asked if this were really possible because I’d like nothing better, and only knew what the doctor had told me.”
Sylvia H.
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Lungs “After the first session (with David) this is what happened. At first I began to cough up a lot of mucous. I’m still doing that, but at least it’s all coming out now. I haven’t needed to take any medicine – like the inhaler for the suffocating feeling in my chest. While I’m still smoking, I have to say. But I don’t feel I’m suffocating any more, and I’m not wheezing any longer. I also stopped taking all my other medicines when I started using a specific, Western herbal remedy for the kidneys, vitamin B6, probiotics and a homeopathic flower remedy… and I no longer have any trouble with my insides or lungs!
That’s an amazing and delightful feeling!
I do still have the sensation of a lump in my throat which doesn’t seem to want to go away, but I’m certain it will disappear in time.
So whatever the cause, the separate supplements or the combination, I’m going on with them and look forward to a life free of physical ailments!”
Rowena de B.

Other, short experiences

Stiff shoulder For some time already the right side of this woman’s neck and her right shoulder had been painful. Just 5 capsules of molybdenum and some 20 minutes later the shoulder loosened up and her neck-ache had more or less disappeared.

Omegas “All of a sudden I got a lot of pain in my left knee and could hardly stand. David has been supporting my health for some time now, so I called him after 2 days and he said straight away: ‘Lots of omegas!’ Within 24 hours the difference was remarkable. After 2 days I could walk again normally and within 4 days all pain had gone.”

Vitamin C “I was visiting David and was feeling pretty awful: runny nose, coldy, sneezing all the time. He offered me a 1 gr tablet of vitamin C and because I trust him I swallowed it. I confess I was amazed at how much better I felt within half an hour, and my nasal passages were open again and dry.”

Burnout Truus hasn’t worked for 2 years. She’s at home with burnout. She takes anti-depressants. She insists that she wants to get better, to change her situation, but is too suspicious of alternative possibilities that she prefers the pharmaceutical palliatives to genuine healing.

Pain in shoulder “David was visiting – we’ve known each other for some 35 years – and my husband left the room. David asked me very specifically how I was. ‘Well, you know, fine… except my [left] shoulder. I’ve been to the physiotherapist but…’ ‘… that didn’t help…’ David finished my sentence for me. I admitted that this was the case. ‘Have you still got some omegas?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Take 6 or so of the large capsules 3 times a day for 3 days, and notice the difference.’ I hesitated, because I only had small capsules, which meant taking at least 12 capsules with each meal. But I took the advice and when David phoned a week later I could tell him that there was much more mobility in the shoulder and much less pain. Two weeks later, with a lower daily dose, the discomfort in the shoulder was a thing of the past.”

Parasite For years, Jan was troubled by prolonged bouts of depression. Apart from drinking too much coffee and alcohol (both of which have significant influence on the liver function, the prime source of ‘depression’) testing revealed that Jan still had remnants of a tick bite in his body. Parasites.
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Migraine For more than 15 years Rachel has suffered from what she calls ‘migraine’. Painful headaches. She swears she’s tried ‘everything’ and that ‘nothing’ helps. Apparently, her periods are accompanied by severe cramp. Simple supplements such as magnesium and B5 are the key, along with the right sort of chiropractic treatment. After years of using pharmaceutical drugs it’s then a question of what is needed to restore her vitality – which could take a while along with additional supplements.

Nervous system Renate is constantly troubled by ‘something not quite right’ in her abdomen. Check-ups in the hospital reveal nothing significant. She is tired all the time and frustrated by her inability to make any breakthrough. “I met David at a networking meeting. He’d picked up on my health problems, came and sat next to me and said straight away: ‘The source of your health problems is not in your belly, but in your brains, in your nervous system. And that regulates how the organs function. Have you been under a lot of stress recently?’”
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Omegas “For months I’d been troubled by sharp pain in my heel as well as tennis elbow. Through David I started getting treated by a chiropractor. Although it was great for my back and neck, the pain and discomfort didn’t go away. The chiropractor said I needed zinc supplements.
I asked David and Indra to test me [at a distance]. Zinc was not needed at all, rather a lot of traditional Western herbal remedy for the liver and a high dosage of omegas for 3-4 weeks.”

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