Experience Matthijs de B. (continued)

“After my girlfriend’s departure for Malaysia at the beginning of September, my health quickly declined. I was tired and had less and less inclination to get things done. I looked for external factors, such as how the trees were losing their leaves, everybody’s tired, it’s the time of the year, the autumn is a time for reflection, maybe I’ve taken on too much… and so on.

A number of acupuncture sessions certainly provided a pick-me-up, but the acupuncturist stated that he was unable to pinpoint the real cause of my problem. What he was clear about, however, was that the battery was totally drained and that I was making inroads into my essential life-force, as he termed it.
That’s when I decided to go to my GP to have my blood checked.

The doctor: disappointing
My experience with doctors hasn’t always been that good. In the period when I was starting secondary school I was often tired and had my blood tested on more than one occasion for anaemia, glandular fever and things like that. Nothing was conclusive and the cause remained unfound. Although the doctor considered it unlikely, he advised me to be tested for Lyme disease – especially because I had a reddish spot in my pubic region which he couldn’t be sure about. (I’d consulted him earlier about this spot, was prescribed a salve which somewhat affected the spot, but didn’t cause it to disappear completely.) The blood test returned positive for Lyme and I was advised to take antibiotics.

Antibiotics: the down-side
Because the doctor couldn’t determine how old the infection was, I started taking antibiotics for a week at first, then 10 days, then 3 weeks… and in the end I was taking antibiotics for a whole month. The antibiotics made me feel very weak, and I assumed it was because this medicine also destroys beneficial bacteria. The doctor said that it could take at least 6 months before I’d recover totally from the antibiotics. By now it was the end of October and I really didn’t see any improvement. Neither the acupuncturist nor the doctor knew what was wrong.

What next?
After talking to numerous relatives and friends who’d benefitted in the past from different approaches to healing I ended up talking to David Bloch. He’s helped my father-in-law with clearing up the effects of a tick bite and had resolved spots on my girlfriend’s body that had resisted ‘regular’ treatment.

Consultation with David
I was able to make an appointment fairly quickly – it was by now the beginning of December and I intended to go and visit my girlfriend in Malaysia at Christmastime. David tested me and explained what supplements my body needed and how I could use these to help my body heal itself. He tested the amounts of the remedies I needed and drew up a list of how much of each supplement I would require. The supplements support the body in eliminating the bacteria and parasites. A large number of the supplements are not (easily) available in Holland, or in much too low a dosage, but David helped me to order the necessary supplements through a website.

Lots of pills – but: change!
For a couple of months I ended up taking about 60 capsules and pills a day, spread over the day. It sounds a lot and maybe it is a lot, but I spread the dosage over the day and it all went okay. I managed to take all the pills for about two months and noticed the changes – maybe initially not exactly improvement, but it was clear something was shifting in my body.
In the meantime, I’d shifted my studies into a lower gear, and was really glad I was able to visit my girlfriend in Malaysia.

After the parasites
At the beginning of February I made a further appointment with David, who then tested me again. He confirmed that the parasites were gone, but indicated that I was severely weakened. Once again he asked my body what was required and I got another load of supplements for the next six weeks or so, but in a smaller dosage. At the moment of writing (October) I’m only taking Omega-3 capsules which support my concentration while I study.

Clarity and gratitude
At the end of March I started studying again more intensely and have completed some key courses so that I can complete my Master in Business Administration.
I am grateful to David for his help and support, as well as the insights he provided during our contact both personally, during the sessions, and by e-mail and phone.
Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned is that you should go to the person whom you perceive is an expert in his field and whose enthusiasm and credibility support how they work and demonstrate that it works!
A good teacher knows his limitations and will be clear in expressing them.
This method worked for me and I invite you to experience what I have experienced. And if there’s another way that works for you, invest in yourself without hesitation.”
Matthijs de B.

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