Experience Deborah V. (continued)

“The doctor had no idea what to suggest and sent me to a dermatologist. By the time I actually got to see this specialist, the spots had become less obtrusive and I was hardly in his office before I was out again! This is not to my liking, this is not my way, I thought to myself.
Through my father I got to meet David, and I knew that he worked with supplements and natural products. That’s how he’d helped my father finally get rid of the Lyme disease he’d was still suffering effects from. When my father saw the spots he was so shocked that he immediately contacted David and I was able to make an appointment at very short notice. On the phone I had sketched my symptoms so that David could be prepared. Testing quickly revealed that I had parasites (and luckily not the psoriasis I was afraid of) and was given a series of supplements to take home.
After 6 weeks the difference was clear, and although the spots were still there they were less red and there was less of a crust. During the second visit, David discovered that I had a virus and was given various supplements to deal with that. I had four sessions with David and each time the protocol for the supplements was changed until the spots disappeared.
In the meantime my faith in David had grown to the point that when I had a bladder infection I used colloidal silver (which David makes himself) instead of the antibiotics advised by my doctor. To complete the healing process, I took David’s advice and had five treatments with a specialist in Japanese acupuncture to restore the energy balance in my body.

A year further on and all sign of the spots has disappeared! It’s been nearly a year now since I had a bladder infection and I’ve learned that beyond the world of the ‘white coats’ – as David calls orthodox medicine – there’s another world of alternative solutions that are more often than not healthier and ‘packaged’ in a far more personal approach.”
Deborah V.

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