Experience Ans K. (continued)

“What he was able to do was to give me pills (Atenolol) for my blood pressure, which was extremely high. I was taking 100 mg a day of the medicine and although it certainly helped, I got tired easily. And I somehow felt it wasn’t right. I was also overweight, having stopped smoking, and I didn’t seem to be able to lose weight, whatever I did.

Alternative to pharmaceuticals
How David came into my life was just an amazing series of lucky events, but since I know that there’s no such thing as coincidence, I jumped at the opportunity to see if he could help me. I had little faith in pharmaceutical drugs, which I come across all too often in my work in the home care sector.

Fast diagnosis
Within just a few minutes David was able to state that the cause of my excessive transpiration was simply a question of supporting the kidneys in doing their job properly. He said that he already knew this the moment we met for the very first time (socially). I started a course of a specific traditional Western herbal remedy to dissolve the kidney gravel, clean the kidneys and clear out the urinary tract.

Urgent situation
Some time later I felt the need to call David in the evening because I had pain in my bladder and a constant need to urinate, while almost nothing came out. David told me to pop by immediately so he could test me. The remedy was a single dose of 40 capsules of the herbal remedy and to drink lots of water. Within 24 hours all was back to normal.

Then there was the question of my weight. When I told David about this during the first consultation he said immediately that I was short of a particular substance in my liver which is required in order to balance oestrogen levels. I started taking this supplement that the liver needs and I indeed started losing weight – in total about 8 kg in 3 months.

Source of high blood pressure
David quickly confirmed that the cause of the high blood pressure was the excess oestrogen (which ‘holds onto’ fluid) combined with the back pressure caused by the kidney gravel. At one point in our session, David tested me to see if it would be all right to stop using the Atenolol. The answer was positive, so it a question of gradually reducing the amount, from 100 mg to 75 mg, then to 50 mg. Right now I’m using 25 mg and even this I waqnt to stop taking – it just doesn’t feel right and besides, David’s testing indicated that it was unnecessary.

During my second or third consultation I told David I’d had a tick bite near my knee that had caused a large spot. My doctor had given me an antibiotic, which didn’t feel totally OK, but at that time I didn’t know any better. David tested me and indicated that there were still remnants of the tick bite in my blood: parasite eggs. He ordered a combination of special, powerful, natural remedies (most supplements he has in stock, but these are less frequently required) for a course of 10 days. He added that I must let him know immediately I felt as if I was getting flu, since virus attacks are common when dealing with parasites.

Back to normal
Altogether I was taking supplements for 3-4 months, with two longer consultations and two shorter ones. And handfuls of pills and capsules… but I’ve got my energy back, in abundance, I feel fit and well, energetic! No weird sweatiness, a – for my age – normal blood pressure, and a weight that feels comfortable and under control.

Oh yes, I should mention that David has been wonderful in helping me change my diet. Although I had been paying attention to it for some time, his insights, encouragement and above all specific points have supported me in (for example) stopping eating pork completely, reducing the amount of meat anyway and buying a better quality, stopping drinking milk, reducing dairy products of all sorts, and eating lots more of (high-quality) vegetables. And the result is that I feel GREAT!”
Ans K.

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