Easy is right

During the so-called ‘Space Race’ of the last century, when the USSR and the USA were competing to be the first to lay claims to space, NASA spent more than $1.5 million to research an instrument that could write in weightless conditions, didn’t leak and was light and highly reliable.
The Russians used a pencil.

The driver of a heavily-laden truck incorrectly judged the height and breadth of his load and got stuck trying to go under a bridge, blocking all traffic in both directions.
The police arrived first, followed soon after by the Fire Brigade and the municipal engineer.
The experts quickly started discussing how best to deal with the situation.
A boy, about 8 years old, watched fascinated, curious about what would happen.
The discussion went on and on.
Finally the boy gathered up courage and tugged at the hand of one of the policemen.
“What do you want, little boy? We’ve got a serious problem to deal with.”
“But mister, why don’t you just let some air out of the truck’s tyres…”

Read here two examples of how a complex range of physical complaints and symptoms have surprisingly simple causes… and solutions.
Some wonderful examples of how often it happens in our Western societies where “IF THERE’S AN EASY WAY, YOU CAN BE SURE WE’RE GOING TO FIND THE HARD WAY!”
And that is a significant indication of social conditioning, a contrast to the re-programming involved in pursuing a life based on ’easy is right’ (a quotation from Osho that basically reminds us that the easiest path is the one that’s always the right one).

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