These are just a few of the many valuable sources that can support you as you begin to develop your ‘mastery of the body’.

First of all, because it’s NEW and free, there’s my own book: more information >>>

Censored HealthCensored health – On the assembly line of the disease industry, Gábor Lenkei
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Tired or toxicTired or toxic, Sherry Rogers
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The instinct to heal, David Servan-Schreiber (US/Canada)

Healing without Freud or Prozac, David Servan-Schreiber (UK/international)

Adrenal FatigueAdrenal fatigue, James L. Wilson
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Your Health ... Your Choice, M. Ted MorterYour health… your choice, M. Ted Morter

The China Study, T. Colin CampbellThe China Study, Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Bet the farmBet the farm, Frederick Kaufman
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Healing with Whole Foods, Paul PitchfordHealing with Whole Foods, Paul Pitchford

Why people don’t heal and how they can, Caroline Myss

Anatomy of the spirit, Caroline Myss

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