Even if you have never experienced a massage yourself, maybe you have a picture in your mind of something like this:

Direct contact with the skin, and mostly with oil.
That’s one form of ‘bodywork’, literally ‘working on the body’. Mostly deliciously relaxing… and there is a lot more to bodywork that affects your total wellbeing at deeper levels.

Rebalancing is a concept and series of techniques that links the physical body with thoughts and memories – especially those memories that, mainly because of their emotional content, have become ‘frozen’ in the cellular memory of the body.
Watch a short video of a Rebalancing session >>>

Every thought – and above all those associated with any degree of trauma (what is often called ‘negative feelings’) – creates local tension in specific muscle groups, organs, joints and tissue. This occurs involuntarily, as a reflex.
You are generally unaware of these tensions and the events that caused them have long ago ‘fallen into the basement’ and are only retrievable by some form of therapy. Rebalancing combines awareness with attention in the here and now, and links the body with feelings and emotions.

There are numerous more traditional therapy forms where the practitioner follows a fixed routine of first this, then that.
Rebalancers are, however, trained to tune in to their intuition and their client so that there is no fixed structure, rather an organic interaction responding to the requirements of the moment.
A session usually begins with a (short) enquiry to clarify needs and possible themes. Although other forms of therapy than just working on the body may be required, this is precisely the value of such a flexible approach revealing the right solution in the moment.

With more than 20 years experience of Rebalancing and more than 35 years experience with many different forms and styles of massage, my preference is clear: I help bring awareness to those areas of the body which seem to want attention at that moment, creating a dialogue that more often than not reveals deeper, valuable insights for the client.

With Rebalancing the client may be fully clothed or undressed to the underwear. This approach could be a powerful part of what you need when you come for your HealthCheck.

The short clip below shows a special form of bodywork in warm water (minimum 34 °C) that will enlarge your worldview and provide an exciting and perhaps challenging experience:

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