In simple terms, just four components are the basis of your expression as a human being:

  • physical (my focus with supplements)
  • mental (my focus for training and part of the therapeutic work I offer)
  • emotional (bodywork and therapy, supported where necessary by specific supplements)
  • spiritual… what this section is about.

Kamer 4 hoeken

A simple comparison
Your being is like a room with four corners.
Normal western culture is such that many people look for solutions to their physical and emotional problems in just one corner (cognitive = talk, talk, talk or sometimes physical = sport, physiotherapy), while there’s a significant chance that the solution is waiting in one of the other corners.

Past lives
Reincarnation is considered a fact in many countries, cultures and belief systems. Maybe not in your country and culture of origin.
However, life in this body, in this culture, in this era… and all the many other variables… can be compared with taking a dip in a river at different moments of the day.
It’s impossible ever to take a swim in the same water, even if it seems that way.

Past life psychology
It’s totally unimportant whether or not you believe in reincarnation, but the fact that past life psychology can help to resolve physical and emotional problems now is certainly important.
It makes no difference whether the problem concerns phobias or specific chronic physical problems.
It’s just highly likely that the cause of what you experience as a problem is a remnant of one or more past lives.

Doing the necessary
Regression therapy supports you in getting in touch with these old experiences and concluding them satisfactorily – and then the problem now disappears all by itself.

After determining the direction you wish to follow, you’ll sit or lie down in a relaxed and comfortable position. The room is darkened.
I give you instructions which you follow. And, there’s nothing you HAVE to do.
It’s perfectly possible that NOTHING seems to be happening.
All the time you remain fully conscious of what is happening; nothing can happen to you without your permission and full awareness.
Maybe you’ll experience some emotions, maybe you’ll just get some insights.
Maybe you’ll experience a clear and coherent story, maybe just seemingly unrelated glimpses.

€125.00 per session + VAT.
In most cases a session will last 40-80 minutes.

Children and parents
In western societies, parents tend to dismiss much of what their children say as ‘fantasy’ – while the children are relating a truth that they clearly experience.
This short excerpt illustrates how it typically happens, and how parents react:

Realise that many children are still in close touch with their life before their physical incarnation (birth) and for many others it’s a short step to opening the door.

  • Would you like to learn how you can best support your child in discovering his ‘life lessons’?
  • Would you like to learn how to recognise when your child is in this altered state of awareness and truth?
  • Would you like to be able to help your child to explore and assimilate his old memories?

All this and more is possible.
You know where to find me!

Want to know more?
There’s a huge amount of information available in books and on the internet, ranging from heavy-duty academic analysis and confirmation of reincarnation experiences to popular nonsense about hypnosis. But nothing replaces a session of your own.


Alain comes across as a really tough man. He’s a senior consultant now, but used to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force.
He comes to me to improve his presentation skills. We discuss his next presentation and the skills and insights required. The first session concludes with a clear list of homework to be done.
At the start of the next session Alain storms into the office and declares: “The techniques and so on, that’s no sweat. My problem is simply that I’m frightened of standing up in front of all those people.”
“Please sit down and tell me if you really want to get to the bottom of this.”
He consents and within 20 minutes the session is at an end.
Alain quickly returns to an experience he had as a teenager; while he’s deeply relaxed, we work through this experience, rewrite the script and return to the present.
Alain jumps up out of his chair, saying: “Great, that’s cleared up. I’m off!”

Elise comes for coaching. As an aside she tells me that she had had a miscarriage a few years ago but is now mother to a young son, Guus.
Guus is the twin boy who survived; Hans died after just a few hours even though je seemed to be the stronger and healthier of the twins.
When Guus was about 4 and sitting on Elise’s lap, he suddenly said: “I wanted to come earlier, but I had to wait till Hans could guide me here.”

For years, Frank has had incurable ‘eczema’. Medical treatments didn’t work, rather they created additional physical problems.
During a straightforward session Frank came in touch with a previous life that ended in being burnt to death at the stake. He could smell the smoke and feel his skin burning. He relived the events and the ‘life lesson’ (daring to speak up for his own truth) of his torture.
Shortly after the session the ‘eczema’ disappeared and his skin became normal again.

During a coaching session William complained: “When I work on a project, everything is fine until about three months into the project, when people turn to me and tell me – out of the blue – that they no longer trust me.”
With his consent we start looking for a possible cause for this strange behaviour.
Within minutes we’re back in a past life as a young monk on Bali. We go further back in time to when he’s working in a shipyard in Holland when Tsar Peter the Great came to learn about shipbuilding.
We go further back in time… and William begins to pant.
“What’s happening?”
“They’re after me… they’re going to hang me.”
Apparently ‘William’ had betrayed his fellow-villagers at the time of the Norman Conquest in the 11th century. He lost their trust and was still paying the penalty.
After William’s session ended, I didn’t hear from him until I bumped into him in a restaurant two years later.
“Well, what happened?”
“Oh, that – the session fixed that; it never happened again.”

Meditation and spiritual development confirm that there’s more than just this physical life and the ‘the Mind’ (a function of your thinking and the conditioning involved) is the most significant hindrance to experience the true timelessness of existence.

Information – usually about the future, but often also about past events – is frequently transmitted through dreams at night or visions during waking hours.
Read here 7 highly convincing examples as they appeared in a British newspaper.

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