As a woman there are often times when I have acute and frequent need to urinate. Then it is mostly quite painful. My doctor says that it’s a bladder infection and prescribes antibiotics. What’s actually happening here?

What’s actually happening will differ from person to person and from case to case.
What’s the best thing to do is something else!
There is seldom, only very seldom, a situation in which an antibiotic is necessary.
Why? Simply because there is no infection!
In the vast majority of cases it’s quite simple: kidney gravel precedes kidney stones. Kidney gravel consists of crystals, primarily of uric acid and oxalic acid. The latter crystals are particularly hard. The crystals form in the kidney and are basically harmless. People who for example eat too much, drink too much coffee and drink far too little water have a tendency to create kidney gravel.
Usually the crystals are just flushed out through the urinary tract and excreted. Occasionally that will cause (a little) pain during urination.
Women especially – perhaps because they retain their urine longer than men; who knows? – seem to suffer more than men from irritation of the bladder. The crystals, especially those of oxalic acid, are rather sharp.
What appears to be an effective remedy is several grams of vitamin C, a dose of 225 ppm or higher colloidal silver, and drinking plenty of warm water. To be repeated if necessary within 24 hours. The pain usually declines or even disappears within a few hours.
Men have different problems than ‘bladder infections’. A high percentage of what is called ‘enlarged prostate’ or prostatitis is caused by the irritation brought about by acid crystals that find their way into and through the walls of the urinary tract.
To deal with the tendency to form crystals it’s essential to look closely at the eating habits and to move towards patterns that raise the base (lower the pH) of the body.
To dissolve crystals, I recommend using a specific herbal remedy, highly effective in cleansing the kidneys and the urinary tract.

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