My anus is itchy and sometimes even painful. I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work…

It’s a surprisingly complex complaint which is surprisingly common.
It’s then a question of testing and looking for your specific cause.

1. Haemorrhoids
(US English: hemorrhoids.) It’s a good idea to visit your GP to find out if you really do have haemorrhoids because they are a common source of itching and anal discomfort. Frequently you can feel that there’s something sticking out that shouldn’t be there and you’ll more than likely notice traces of blood on the toilet-paper.
Various pharmaceutical and herbal products provide varying degrees of relief but no solution.
Most often a significant change in lifestyle is required, along with changes in what and how you’re eating. Herbal support of the liver, kidneys and intestines is mostly advisable and required.

2. Fungus/mould
This, too, is a remarkably common source of anal discomfort. It’s both in more familiar forms such as candida and in less familiar and less well recognized forms such as the fungus that is carried by pollen in spring. Their presence in the gut can be a source of anal itching. There are specific remedies that deal most effectively with such fungus.
Candida is perhaps the most common of the moulds that many people host.

3. Worms/parasites
These are much more common than is usually thought. The symptoms can be surprisingly varied: listlessness, all sorts of intestinal disturbances (flatulence, feeling ‘blown up’, feeling hungry but having no desire to eat, nausea), headache, spots on the skin (particularly the back) which bleed spontaneously… and anal itch.
Worms in particular cause itching at night.
Everybody is different, and the causes are different, so it’s a question of testing which remedy or combination of remedies is going to do the trick.

4. ‘Leaky gut’…
… is a potential source of itching as gastric juices find their way to places they shouldn’t be. And cause irritation. ‘Leaky gut’ is very common and easy to recognise by tiredness after each meal and the feeling of not deriving adequate nutrition from what you eat. There are specific remedies which will resolve this problem.

5. Ammonia
When food is digested – especially proteins – ammonia is a by-product. Ammonia burns and can be a significant source of anal itching. Supplementation with l-arginine in combination with l-ornithine should resolve this problem, as the body then has the bio-chemicals it needs in order to complete the process and break down the ammonia.

6. Acid/alkali balance
You may at some time have experienced muscle cramp in, say, your leg. This is caused by a local excess of lactic acid and can be quickly alleviated by taking a couple of grammes of magnesium.
But imagine that the pH of your whole body is out of balance. After all, the only place that should be acid is your stomach, in order to digest your food. There are various remedies to help restore balance, such as drinking a mug of hot water with apple cider vinegar and a little honey. This will work wonders, settling a restless stomach, possibly providing a better sleep pattern and… relieving anal itching.

7. Allergic reactions
It is possible that you may be experiencing an allergic reaction. It could be to pollen or a number of other sources. Anyway, your body is creating extra histamine which causes any number of reactions such as sneezing, weepy and itchy eyes… and anal discomfort.
One way to find out is to take an anti-histamine (usually as a tablet) and see what effect that has.
N.B. There are many different products available. Where one does not work, another might. Personally, I’m satisfied with the efficacy of Cetirizine.

8. ‘Toilet wipes’…
… can be very handy and a source of itching. It’s very hard to find a version without perfume and/or alcohol. That’s why, if you like this form of toilet hygiene, it’s much better to invest in some form of toilet shower, handheld or built-in.

9. Colon cleansing…
… is a great way to resolve many problems in this area. It’s definitely worth investigating (there’s plenty of information on the Internet) and it’s definitely advisable to take a course of 4-6 cleanses anyway… on your way to improved states of wellness.
If you are really serious, you’ll consider combining colon cleansing with a liver cleanse. Then there’s nothing better than the 6-7 day programme as outlined by the international medical practitioner, Andreas Moritz.

10. ‘Hot’ food
It’s certainly advisable to see if avoiding chili peppers and highly spiced food makes any difference.

11. Adrenal fatigue
The imbalance associated with adrenal stress, fatigue and exhaustion – and consequent low cortisol and aldosterone values, amongst many other disturbed hormones – will most likely cause anal itching.
If your libido (sexual drive) is at a low ebb, too, and your sleeping is disturbed, then you might want to read this book and learn more about the adrenal glands.

And there are other causes, which are just as colourfully different and complex.
After all, the body is a wonderful creation, providing plenty of opportunity to deal with the challenge of ‘mastering the physical’.

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