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I feel that I’m under stress and close to burnout. I’ve been to the doctor who told me to slow down and take things easy – easier said than done! He gave me some sleeping pills and relaxants, but I feel that this is not the right path for me. What advice do you have?

First and foremost: treating symptoms will never resolve the issue at cause. Luckily you have sufficient awareness to realise that you are under such stress that you’re on the edge of burnout. You can take action to turn the clock back! You can do a great deal in setting and respecting your boundaries, above all […]

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About stress

This book about dealing with stress is currently only available in Dutch. However, if you have any specific questions about the subject, please feel free to get in touch directly. Back to FAQ 24 >>>

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I regularly have problems with my lower back. Sometimes, a few times a year, I get such pain that I’m flat out for a week or more. The physiotherapist tells me I have herniated disc and I should have it operated on, but that doesn’t feel good to me. Is there anything else to be done?

First of all, my own story. I was about 22 when my back first gave out on me. Despite many different treatments by physiotherapists, acupuncturists and – much later – chiropractors and other health practitioners, it took another 30 years or so before I started discovering the actual source of the pain and weakness. Even […]

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What’s your opinion about treating (sleep) apnea?

Although there are several conditions which are grouped under the one name of apnea, my response focuses on the night-time version. The first thing I do is to check if there are any other possible factors than the central nervous system. Overweight and smoking could possibly play an important role. Certain physical abnormalities (‘mechanical factors’) […]

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Experience Renate M. (continued)

“I confirmed that I’d indeed been under considerable stress. I made an appointment with David to be tested. The results were remarkable and actually totally logical. He told me which supplements I should use and recommended that I get some acupuncture as well as some chiropractic. I’ve done all of this and feel that I’m […]

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Arthritis, gout and more

Much of the pain of what in the medical world are called arthritis, gout and rheumatism comes from joints. Perhaps the greatest source of prostate problems is the irritation (leading to inflammation and enlargement) arising from the same source as the irritation of joints. The source of more than 65% of lower back problems is […]

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To supplement or not…

My old Mum used to say, “Just eat a balanced diet.” But what do you eat when your body is unwell and out of balance? Is eating a ‘balanced diet’ sufficient? There are many arguments for and against the use of supplements. And everyone must find his/her own truth, especially these days when OTC (Over […]

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What can be done to help with cataracts?

First of all it’s a good idea to do your research – as on this Wikipedia site – to learn more about the anatomy of the eye and current medical practice when dealing with cataracts. Then I recommend visiting your GP, unless you can go directly to an eye-specialist. When a cataract has been diagnosed, […]

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Mononucleosis (Pfeiffer)

This is just another example of how a series of symptoms is given a name and the patient is told: “Yes, it can take quite a while, yes, you’ll be pretty tired, so just stay at home and take it easy until it’s over.” When you are aware that the cause of this ‘illness’ is […]

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